Tuesday, April 26, 2005

National Review Online

I should probably just tell people to read National Review Online every day as a matter of principle, because they almost always have important reads (like the previous post). And frankly, being their echo chamber, doesn't really add a whole lot of original thought to the conversation.

But so long as you are over there today reading Whalen's article, also check Anne Bayesfky's review of the recent session of the (U.N.)human Rights Commission. A taste:
The dynamic reveals a great deal about the underlying U.N. pathology. With no democratic pre-conditions for membership, the commission, like the general assembly, is a forum through which non-democracies can trump democracies. Furthermore, situating democracies in an organization where relationships with non-democracies provide leverage over other democracies divides democratic states rather than bringing them together. Though the EU relishes the role of middleman between the state sponsors of terrorism or genocide and the United States, the halfway point is not where the U.S., or its fellow democracies, ought to be.


Blogger Amalie said...

United Nations Human Rights Commission - an oxymoron in action, corruption in broad daylight...

Tue Apr 26, 06:09:00 PM EDT  

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