Monday, November 26, 2007

Another political quiz

It tells me I'm conservative, with a healthy streak of libertarianism. Sounds about right:

What is your political ideology?
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This quiz has categorised you as a Conservative. You believe in a limited/minimal role in the government to solve social problems, and instead believe economic growth is paramount. It is possible you may identify with the "religious right" as well.

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Social Democrat
Communist/Radical Left
What is your political ideology?
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The toughest question for me was the one regarding evolution v. creationism. I dispute the premise of it. I don't think that the U.S. "as a whole" is hostile to evolution. I think the U.S. tolerates different views on the matter, and I think a plurality of Americans would recognize that science and religion address fundamentally different issues. The former addresses the mechanics of the universe, while the latter addresses the ultimate creation and purpose of the universe.

(Yes, I know Genesis comes awfully close to discussing the mechanics of creation, but most of that has to do with time; and time is something that physicists concede is fluid, especially when studying the earliest stages of the Universe that science can conceive of--the hypothetical "Big Bang." The point, however, is that while science might describe the physical mechanism by which the observable matter in the universe converted from the initial energy released in the Big Bang, science does not address the purpose of a Universe in which a Big Bang that ultimately leads to sentient life capable of studying the Big Bang, can occur. The atheistic scientist's only answer is either to assume that there is no purpose; or to say that the question of a purpose is unimportant, because it can't be addressed with the scientific method. Talk about solipsistic circularity!)

Ultimately, I think the fact that large numbers of Americans adopt a creationist view is mostly indicative of the religious liberty available here, which is not available in say, Europe, because of social and legal forces. Thus I chose the first response, which was "Because the United States, remains, the only Western nation that is fighting to preserve traditional morals, which is undermined by evolution. The people of Europe & Canada have been brainwashed by secular socialists." But this response is stated more starkly than I would put it.

Another tough one was the one on affirmative action, but it was hard for a different reason. Here, I had trouble picking which of two response I agreed with more. Consider:
- It is does more harm than good, because it teaches minorities to rely on their colour/ethnicity to gain a job/admission to college
- It is harmful, because it causes people to see others in terms of groups rather than individuals.
Both are more or less true. The second response, however, indicates that affirmative action is inherently harmful practice, while the first one indicates that it is only harmful when balanced against its potential benefits. I chose the first one ultimately, only because I decided that there could be some hypothetical benefit that has so far eluded me. I guess that means I'm just fence-sitter, though, and not decisive...


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