Friday, May 06, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson: What's Wrong with the Democrats.

VDH explains why the Democratic party is waning. Here are some bullet points:

- Class warfare doesn't resonate in a land where most people have jobs, cars, cell phones and computers, and obesity, not emaciation, is epidemic.

- Class warfare rhetoric falls flat when delivered by prep school grads and lawyers.

- The Civil Right Movement of the 60's was the right thing to do, but the next step, legislated equality of result, is tyrannical and oppressive:

When a liberal UC Berkeley chancellor remonstrates about "diversity" and "multiculturalism," lamenting that his merit-based entrance requirements have sadly resulted in too few "Hispanics" and "African-Americans" (he ignores that whites at Berkeley also enroll in numbers less than their percentages in the state population), what he really means — but won't say — is that there are apparently too many Asians, about 45 percent enrolled in Berkeley versus about 12 percent in the state population.
- The richest people in society tend to be over 65 -- so retohric about rescuing the elderly falls flat.

- Defense issues: "Would Al Gore have invaded Afghanistan less than a month after 9/11? If John Kerry were President and China invaded Taiwan, what would he do?" That 'bout sums it up.

- In all:

[T]he United States does not suffer from the sort of oppression, poverty, or Vietnam nightmares of the 1950s and 1960s that created the present Democratic ideology. Thus calcified solutions of big government entitlements, race-based largess, and knee-jerk suspicion of U.S. power abroad come off as either impractical or hysterical.
So just go read the whole thing already.


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