Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Doctor is in...

A great blog, Dr. Sanity, has a take on the MSM's obsessive-compulsive disorder over the Abu Ghraib scandal. (Via LGF.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good Doctor has his diagnosis of the MSM's fixation on Abu Ghraib and his finding is Paranoia whereas I venture it too be Obsessive Compulsive...

The MSM wants, needs, dirt, scandal, misdeeds, anything that would further their ongoing assertions that Bush and his league of Fascist-Oppressors are bad and evil. The MSM, by and large, is made up of Journalist Degrees, the egg hatchery of supposed "truth-seekers." The "story" they need to succeed is the one that brings down a President... their heros, those old geezers, Woodward and Bernstein.... too bad they weren't taught to expose the truth even if it makes a Republican President look good..

Thu Apr 28, 04:10:00 PM EDT  
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