Friday, April 29, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson's Weekly Article

VDH's weekly column is always a must read. Of course, it's in NRO, which as I've previous noted, is a daily strongly-encouraged-to read.

Perhaps if I get a break from this trial prep stuff, I'll actually get to post a reaction to the article....

Last year the hysteria about the hostility toward the United States reached a fevered pitch. Everyone from Jimmy Carter to our Hollywood elite lamented that America had lost its old popularity. It was a constant promise of the Kerry campaign to restore our good name and "to work with our allies." The more sensitive were going to undo the supposed damage of the last four years. Whole books have been devoted to this peculiar new anti-Americanism, but few have asked whether or not such suspicion of the United States is, in fact, a barometer of what we are doing right — and while not necessarily welcome, at least proof that we are on the correct track.
Pssst... VDH, it's the RIGHT track!


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